About Me

dani head shot

Hello, I’m Dani! I am a working mom of 2 boys (and 4 dogs) who loves the mountains, hot tea and coffee, books, and all things cozy. I love to bake, make healthier versions of my favorite comfort meals, and have my kids in kitchen in with me. I love to listen to it rain and watch it snow. I am obsessed with my Peloton bike and community, and re-finding my love of yoga.

I am a believer in the power of kindness and a home-cooked meal to bring people together. I think the communities we find or create in person and online are equally important and impactful. I want to bring more light into the world and raise my boys to lead life from their heart.

I run on caffeine, dry shampoo, mascara, my love of reading, a little meditation and a lot of grace. I am working to build my life by making every decision and taking every action from a place of love.

Check out my blog to follow my journey. Follow me on social media for a peek at me living in the chaos. Cheers!