Take Some Space

Something I do that has made a big difference in my life is intentionally taking space. This is space to just be who I am, how I am… space from things that are sucking my energy or giving me negativity. Giving myself space to think, to breathe, to pause. Then, making sure to give everyone else the space to do the same.

Our lives are SO BUSY that our calendars, days, and minds often have NO SPACE for just being. There is so much doing, chasing, decision-making that everything fills up, leading to tension in relationships, in our bodies, in competing priorities. Thanks to the internet, social media, and cell phones we are always “on” and reachable – so even mindless TV or social media scrolling isn’t actually giving yourself space or your brain any downtime.

Taking space can be done in so many small ways, with big benefits. It can look different day to day, person to person. But I do think it’s important that all of us be intentional about building some SPACE into our day and how we live, whatever that looks like for each of us.

Space in your life and schedule can be done in lots of ways. Get up a little earlier – but don’t plan anything for that time. Block some breaks on your work calendar. Say no to some events or meetings that aren’t truly necessary and/or wanted. Take the long way on a drive and just let yourself be. 

Mentally create some space by doing a free write in your journal to brain dump everything swirling in your mind to create some space up there. Tell your brain to “bless and release” the things you can’t control and stress you out. The worries won’t go away immediately, but it helps to train your brain.

Physically build space with stretching, yoga, taking a walk, or taking 10 slow, deep breaths. Take those breaths regularly throughout the day.

Metaphysically build space by meditating. I like to meditate that I am in a clearing in the forest, and as I breathe and come to center the clearing gets bigger and bigger. I’m a visual person so it works for me.

There is no one purpose for this space. It defeats the purpose if you fill up the space on purpose. Let whatever needs to inhabit it come in. It might be feelings, or it might be time to think. Quite likely, it will be for what feels like “nothing” – which means you have space to just BE, instead of constantly doing. Contrary to popular public opinion, there’s no need to do it all, have it all, or constantly work for more. If you don’t take the time to just be, how do you know that all the doing is actually in line with the life you want to live and the goals that will take you in the right direction? 

When you give yourself this space, this opportunity to BE and FEEL, it is easier to give it back to others. Giving space extends into giving grace, which can make all our days a little easier.

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