What am I grateful for?

Don’t get me wrong – I am so glad to see 2020 move into the rear view mirror. But I’m also so grateful for some of what 2020 showed me.

Clarity. Around who I am, what I want in life, and who my friends are. 

Friendship. Those that not only survived social distancing, but somehow thrived. 

Family time. We had less commitments so we played games, took walks, baked together more than ever. 

Public education. Because I have never been more aware of how much good it does our kids, and just how many selfless, hard working people are in education. 

Peloton. The workouts and the community. It’s helped me grow so much this year. 

Small businesses. Their innovation, creativity, and tenacity are inspiring. I hope we are all doing everything we can to help them survive this time, since they bring so much to our communities. 

Books. Because reading helped me laugh, cry, and escape in this crazy year. 

Christmas magic. Proof that everything in life is about how you see it and approach it – my kids still think it was “the best Christmas ever” even with all the changes and cancellations. We should be more like kids. 

Babies. Who knew I loved snuggling my friends babies so much until I COULDN’T due to social distancing?!

Healthcare workers. Seriously. They are heroes. But let’s not keep expecting them to be. We need to be stepping up; we are going to lose too many good ones to illness and burnout. 

Streaming TV and music. Because… we go nowhere and I cannot keep listening to Baa Baa Black Sheep – Eli edition on repeat. 

Colorado. I have never appreciated the beauty, outdoor fun, and people I live near more. I never expected to settle my life here, but I am so, so happy I did. 

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