2019: Bloom

Every year, I pick a word of the year. Rather than resolutions, I set a theme based on what life changes I want to make, or what goals I want to work towards. In 2018 it was Create – we created new routines as a family, we had a new house built, we created new traditions, and I created some new work-related goals.

For 2019, my word is Bloom; the goal being to bloom in all the areas I’ve planted seeds in the past, and either it’s too new to have fully blossomed or it’s been neglected rather than cultivated. Or to be blunt – no more new goals and new challenges. How about just actually following through on some things you’ve started the last couple of years?!

I have so many areas I want to bloom in. There’s some big ones: my finance job, by diving deeper into the industry, my community by building new friendships and nurturing the ones I have, my family by having more intentional time building memories and traditions. There’s some small ones too: I want to actually stick to eating health and exercising consistently, get back to walking the dogs regularly, get up on time instead of hitting the snooze button, actually write in my blog consistently.

All of these are areas I started the work – I planted the seeds, I paid some attention. But many of them my efforts waned over time – I wasn’t consistent. Now there’s weeds in some areas of the garden, and others are just a little empty and need to be spruced up (I’m really committed to this analogy, can you tell?). So no more new goals, new endeavors, new habits; it’s time to cultivate the areas I started to work on in the last couple of years. My life plan, values, and personality haven’t changed so much that these past goals no longer apply, so it’s time they get they attention they should have the last few years.

It’s time to show up, be committed, and make my life better by doing what I know I need to. It’s not hard – it’s just about commitment, day in and day out.

So the word is bloom. Because it takes attention, cultivation, and commitment to make things bloom. Bloom is the end result – it’s what I’m working for all year.

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