I have a big heart and I have always loved deeply. Within relationships, towards myself, and in areas not related to people. My work, school and learning, books, certain cities, parts of nature… I love people, things, and concepts. But somewhere through my first part of adulthood I built walls and closed off my heart. I started falling victim to comparison and judging myself and others. I let hurt and failures lead me to focus on doing what I was told is right, logical, and what I “should” do. I stopped focusing on the love I had and that is in the world in an effort to be safe.

Thankfully, I’ve woken up. I have remembered the love I had for everything in my life and world at large, and that it is worth any hurt and failures along the way. I choose to love, and will make that choice everyday.

All of the things I value in life – kindness, compassion, friendship, travel, nature, cooking for people, motherhood, dogs, to name a few – they come from love. It all is a matter of love. So I am working on making everything about my life rooted in love. Decisions, actions, relationships, my work, my passions, what I choose to say yes to, and the why behind when I say no. My relationship with myself and how I interact with the world. I want my life to be a legacy of love.